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Benefits of L Glutamine Supplement

L-Glutamine is a vital amino acid that has a wide spectrum of health benefits. Benefits of glutamine supplements include supporting an optimal immune system, offering intestinal fortifying benefits, mental acuity, as well as improving muscle recovery and protein synthesis. Studies have shown drastic improvement in physical performance and muscle recovery because intense training and bodybuilding workouts drastically deplete the body's glutamine stores. Use L Glutamine supplements for bodybuilding to restore and preserve muscle mass. Optimal glutamine dosing is 5 grams once or twice per day. Choose from Glutamine powder or Glutamine pills. Either way, L Glutamine is best taken on an empty stomach and may be mixed with water or juice.

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  • A source of fuel for your intestines and your cells lining
  • Helps protect the body from ammonia toxicity
  • Appears to aid and may even be necessary for normal brain function.
  • Promotes a healthy digestive tract and may boost immune function
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