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TestForce2 (182 gm)

By: E-Pharm

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NEW TestForce2: Dual Action Natural Testosterone Elevator!

TestForce2 contains the most soluble form of d-aspartic acid combined with another remarkable amino acid known as sarcosine. This combination provides results clearly superior to other d-aspartic acid product formulations.

In case you aren’t aware, d-aspartic acid is the hottest supplement ingredient on the market right now. It has more scientific literature supporting its ability to act as a natural regulator of muscle building hormone (i.e. testosterone, growth hormone) release in the body than any supplement ingredient EVER. And E-Pharm was the company to bring you the premium form of d-aspartic acid – d-aspartate calcium chelate. This form is more than 75 times as water soluble as regular d-aspartic acid and soluble over a wide pH range. This ensures the most rapid and complete absorption possible.

And now E-Pharm has taken the lead in d-aspartic acid technology again with the patent pending addition of the amino acid sarcosine.

Please allow me to explain why the inclusion of sarcosine is so vital to getting the most out of d-aspartic acid.

Why Sarcosine?

Let me start with some background. When d-aspartic acid (DAA) is ingested it is absorbed into the body and taken up preferentially by endocrine tissues such as the hypothalamus, pituitary, and testicles. There it stimulates the activity of what are known as NMDA receptors. NMDA receptors are located on neurons and they regulate neuronal activity. DAA binds to a specific docking site (receptor) located on the NMDA receptor known as NMDA binding site.

In the hypothalamus the stimulation of NMDA receptors leads to the production of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH). GnRH then stimulates the pituitary gland to release luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). LH and FSH then in turn travel to the testicles to initiate the process of steroidogenesis, which leads eventually to the release of testosterone into the blood stream. Stimulation of NMDA receptors in the hypothalamus also leads to the release of growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) which in turn promotes the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland.

So the key here is the NMDA receptor. The more you activate this receptor in the hypothalamus the greater the release of GnRH and GHRH, and ultimately testosterone and growth hormone.

The NMDA receptor is somewhat unique in that it requires activation by two ligands (a ligand is like a “key” to a receptor). In the hypothalamus the main ligand for the NMDA receptor is d-aspartic acid. The secondary ligand (or co-activator) is the amino acid glycine. Both DAA and glycine have specific binding sites on the NMDA receptor. These sites are known as the NMDA binding site and the glycine binding site respectively. Think of it this way - just like how firing a nuclear missile requires two soldiers to turn two separate keys, so the NMDA receptor requires binding by two ligands to initiate its influence on the firing of a neuronal signal.

So to review, administration of DAA leads to it’s uptake into the hypothalamus and binding to the NMDA receptors there. And to activate the NMDA receptor you also require adequate levels of ligands that bind to the glycine site of the NMDA receptor. Now common sense would lead one to assume that by ingesting supplemental amounts of glycine would ensure that glycine site co-activation is ensured. However the scientific literature has shown that this method has limited efficacy.

The reason that glycine administration is not very effective at stimulating NMDA activity is not completely straight forward, but one reason is because it is efficiently removed from the synapses by the reuptake regulator Glycine Transporter 1 (GT1).

Interestingly, much of the science published on the subject of stimulation of NMDA receptor activity revolves around the theory that NMDA receptor hypo-activity is a causative factor in schizophrenia. For years scientists have been investigating ways to stimulate NMDA activity as a means for treating schizophrenic patients. One of the most effective strategies has been through targeting the GT1 protein. And one of the most efficient means to do this is actually through supplementation with sarcosine.

Of course we aren’t concerned about treating schizophrenia here, what we are concerned with is maximally stimulating natural production of testosterone (or growth hormone). But the mechanism in question is exactly the same for both purposes. By blocking the re-uptake of glycine you increase the concentration of glycine in neuronal synapses, and therefore increase the influence of NMDA upon nerve transmission. In essence this is the exact way some anti-depressants (such as SSRIs) work, except the goal there is to increase binding and activating of serotonin or dopamine receptors, not NMDA receptors.

Blocking glycine reuptake is not the only mechanism through which sarcosine stimulates DAA activity. Sarcosine actually can itself bind to the glycine binding site of NMDA receptors. In fact, it binds with a higher affinity than even glycine. So basically it replaces glycine as well as serves as its own reuptake inhibitor. It totally solves the glycine co-activation issue in one shot.

Knowing all these facts you can see why sarcosine produces a rather dramatic effect on NMDA neuronal transmission compared to glycine itself, or other endogenous ligands for the glycine receptor such as d-serine.


To summarize, for d-aspartic acid to work to its maximum potential it must be taken with an efficient stimulator of the glycine binding site on the NMDA receptor. The most efficient non-drug stimulator we know of is the natural amino acid sarcosine.

TestForce2 contains 3 grams of d-aspartic acid (as d-aspartate calcium chelate) and 3 grams of sarcosine per serving. It also is flavored with a light fruit punch flavor and slightly sweetened to provide a very pleasurable taste experience. It dissolves almost instantly.

So if you like d-aspartic acid you will love TestForce2. And if you were one of the few “non-responders” to d-aspartic acid then you will also love TestForce2 because you will no longer be a non-responder. You would be a fool to settle for any other d-aspartic acid supplement.

Customer Reviews for TestForce2 by E-Pharm

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PCT Review By: Adam

Review posted on: 2010-08-19 12:13:54 -0400

History: So here I was , enjoying my 3rd cycle of prohormones! And just like my previous cycles, I had my Tamoxifen ready to go for PCT. I came across all the ad’s for PP’s TCF-1. I normally don’t trust anything that comes out of these advertisers mouths. I still do research the ingredients of the products though. You never know right?! Thank god for Google! The key ingredient of that product is D-Aspartic Acid. I was very intrigued by the study, but not 100% sold on it yet. Once I found out PA was coming out with his version of the product, that’s what got me kind of believing. He has some good history of making great products. Long story short, I thought this would be perfect for my upcoming pct. As we know, the goal of any pct is to get back to homeostasis as quickly as possible. This seemed perfect in accelerating that goal. With that said, I was unable to secure TestForce in a timely manner. So I did have to use Primordials stuff until I received it. I did use TestForce for the majority of my pct. I also added Cissus Quadrangularis during the pct as well to help with joint pain. My joints were horribly dried out from the cycle and needed relief quick. Cycle: RPN Havoc Epistane Dosages 30/30/40/40 Starting cycle weight: 208 Ending cycle weight: 222(+14 lbs) PCT: Tamoxifen Citrate Dosing: 20 mg ED 4 weeks Cissus Quadrangularis(bulk powder/prima force) Dosing: 4 g’s a day/ spread out Began DAA sumplementation mid 2nd week: PP’s TCF-1 x 1 bottle(the old small size) Dosing: 2 syringe x2 a day, lasted only 6 days E-Pharms TestForce Dosing: 1 scoop x 2 a day PCT Ending weight: 219( - 3 lbs lost) Comments: This is by far the best PCT I have ever had. I feel freaking great compared to my previous 2 cycles. At no time during my pct did I ever feel weak or off. My strength never dropped and in fact improved in some lifts. Usually by the end of the pct, you have some type of drop in strength. I have had absolutely zero drop off. I still look and feel like I never ended my cycle in some regards. Cissus Quadrangularis: This **** is the real deal when it comes to problem joints. All minor problems were gone in a week. The more major joint issues I have were manageable in 2 weeks and hardly noticeable most of the time. To have zero pain in your joints when you lift is a big fking deal for those that are in the same boat. This is a must for anyone in their joint treatment arsenal. E-Pharms TestForce: My personal opinion on this stuff is that it is a must have in anyone’s pct. I don’t know for sure you would be able to tell any difference just as a everyday test booster though. That’s just personal opinion of course. When it comes to pct, it’s quite distinct and noticeable. I had basically zero libido by the time I started my DAA supplementation. This is quite common for me from the prohormones and the nolva. I am excited to say that once I started my DAA supplementation my libido came back quickly. It was almost like DAA was the ultimate cure for libido issues during pct! Sorry to get a little graphic here, but it has to be said. Testicle size and fullness was dramatically increased in very little time. Before I started DAA supplementation, they were basically like shrunken raisins. Within a few days, it was like a night and day difference in size. The fullness in ejaculation amounts returned as well. My girlfriend (I tell her everything) made a comment as well and commented on my difference in libido. It’s like you could almost tell the difference between switching over from the prohormones left over in your blood to your natural test. My strength never dropped and improved a little bit as well. The most important thing to note is I had zero drop off during pct. I am exactly the same size and strength 4 weeks after cycle. I really believe that I made the perfect transition back to normal. Of course, this is all based on feel and not scientific. Please take it for what it is worth. Benefits of E-Pharms TestForce for PCT: • Libido increase • Return of fullness in testicles quickly • No drop off in strength • Minimal loss in weight • Still look like I’m on cycle


RE: Low Test at 40 - DAA WORKS!! By: Tim

Review posted on: 2010-12-24 16:10:53 -0500

Just used a container of Testforce 2 after finishing a 4 week cycle on Nutraplanet's Bulk DAA. I didn't notice any significant difference between the two. Honestly, the addition of sarcosine and the chelating of the DAA didn't change the effectiveness of the product in any way I could personally detect. I did notice some small issues with occasional depression while using the Testforce 2 (sometimes it was slightly more severe) which I never felt on the bulk DAA. Perhaps it was from the sarcosine? Maybe it was the 8 weeks on, without a break, was just too long for me? Anyway, I am going back to the bulk DAA after a 3 and a half week break and see if the symptoms return. I did get some noticeable gains comparable to what I saw on the Bulk DAA, but for the price difference, I think maybe the Bulk is a better deal. I will try to come back and document any return of the "side affects" I noticed on the Testforce 2....... Hopefully it was just a fluke related to something else.


Low Test at 40 - DAA WORKS!! By: Tim

Review posted on: 2010-10-22 14:52:43 -0400

Okay, so here's the deal. My doc had me get blood work about 8 or 9 months ago. My test was in the mid 200's ng/dl. He started me on a once a month slow absorbing shot of Test and it worked great for about 3 months. My energy came back, I had better libido, I started dropping some BF% and things were good - except slowly shrinking testes. Gradually though, around month 4, I noticed that the shot did not seem to "last" as long. By the end of week 3 (from a shot I can only get once a month) I experienced the return of my "symptoms". Then month after month, it lasted less and less time. In fact, a little over a month ago I began noticing the shot seemed to feel great for a day or two then gradually and completely dissipate within a week to 10 days. So after hours, which probably accumulated to days, of research I really became convinced that DAA and Chuck Diesel's formulas were my ticket off the shots and back to normal feeling health. I started the Bulk DAA and about two weeks after added Diesel's Pro-Cycle. The DAA was awesome, but did need an extra boost, probably because I was starting below the average baseline, BUT I noticed the same androgenic and anabolic affects so many others are mentioning. Testes are back to normal size - BIG WIN.... Semen is WAY more... I noticed a return to that Alpha Male feeling I felt when I first started lifting in Jr. High and my energy and libido are better than ever. Once I added Pro-Cycle, I noticed that it all increased again by 60% or more so I feel I am now at the high end of the Normal Range - about 800-900 ng/dl. I hope to get blood work soon to know for sure. I have not been back to the doc for Test for nearly 7 weeks and want to get him to order blood work before I do. I have now been using DAA and Pro-Cycle for 2 weeks and have occasionally gotten some big acne on my shoulders and a few small pimples on the back of my neck. Very little acne elsewhere. I just ordered TestForce2 today and plan to cycle it in when the Bulk DAA is gone. Budget may not allow me to use it exclusively since Pro-Cycle is pretty high, BUT I plan to at least alternate it in during each 8 weeks on a DAA supp. I will come back and document more in a few weeks after I have been on TestForce2 for a while.

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D-Aspartic Acid By: dan

Review posted on: 2010-06-07 19:39:07 -0400

Although I have not tried E-Pharms Testforce, I have bought 3 bulk bottles of the DAA from this site. Bottle one, I used roughly 3-4 grams a day, for 14 days. It is true, my test had risen quite a bit. I did not have a stomach issue. My veins in my shoulders and traps got more and more as the 'cycle' went on. I decided to give this a try as a pct. Usually i use Diesels DTP, or the T-911.... This stuff is great. If it works this well as a bulk DAA, I can only imagine what Testforce will do. After 2 weeks off, I did bottle 2. This was also for about 15 days. Same thing. Daily test up, and nightly/daily, wood. A few zits have started to appear on my arms, and back. Not the first bottle. The 2nd bottle seem to 'build up' quicker on bottle 2. I am 52 years old. Lift as heavy as I can, and pretend I am still in the marines... I like to lift hard, and then I get the stiffness for a few days. I really wanted to get the Testforce by memorial day, but it was not in stock as it first stated. So i got bottle 3, and hope that price of Testforce will fall back down to what the original email had said it would....If not, I"ll be happy to contines to use the regular DAA!


Good review, Dan By: brent

Review posted on: 2010-08-10 10:46:46 -0400

52 and still gettin' after it. After that review. I'll definately buy. I am an avid lifter, pro-hormone user and meathead. 5'9 and 230. Low bf, I guess. 33" waist and 19 in. arms to let y'all know I ain't playin around. 225x22 reps. Just like gettin and staying large and motivated.

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TestForce2 Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 scoops (7,000 mg)
Servings per Container: 26

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
D-Aspartic acid
(as D-Aspartate Calcium Chelate)
3000 mg **
Sarcosine 3000 mg **
(as D-Aspartate Calcium Chelate)
451 mg 45%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
** Percent Daily Values not established.

Other Ingredients: Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Aspartame, Acesulfame K

TestForce2 Directions:

Consume 2 scoops twice a day for three weeks.  Afterwards consume 1 scoop twice a day.  Cycles can last from three weeks to three months.  Preferably consume with food.

TestForce2 WARNING:

This product is only intended to be consumed by healthy adult males 21 years of age or older.  Before using this product consult with your physician if you are using any prescription or over the counter medicine, if you are unaware of your current medical condition or if you have any pre-existing medical condition.  Discontinue use and consult your health care professional if you experience any adverse reaction to this product.  Although rare, possible androgenic side effects including but not limited to acne, increased risk of male pattern baldness, and gynecomastia may occur.  Do not exceed recommended serving.  Store in a cool, dry place with lid tightly closed.  Do not use if inner safety seal is broken or missing.  Keep out of reach of children.

DAA and DAA Calcium Chelate Comparison