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Formestane w/ Liqua Vade (4.2 fl oz)

Manufactured By: Primordial Performance

Price: $59.99$25.99




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Formestane with Liqua Vade Oral Delivery Technology!

Formestane is a steroidal aromatase inhibitor, known as a suicidal inhibitor because it permanently binds to the aromatase enzyme.

Formestane was originally used as an injectable for breast cancer patients, but due to its possible androgenic effects it has largely been replaced by non-steroidial AIs in the medical community.  Most of its use is now is limited to the bodybuilding community since it is available as a legal dietary supplement for reducing estrogen and increasing testosterone production. 

Although formestane can effectively reduce estrogen through oral consumption, its low oral bioavailability has lead to the development of several transdermal based products (which appear to offer higher efficacy at a lower dose).

Formestane is a more potent aromatase inhibitor, which appears to effectively reduce natural estrogen levels by as much as 50% within several days (while higher doses may further suppress estrogen). Because of formestanes potent ability at reducing estrogen it will tend to reduce HDL levels, while increasing LDL levels, thus harming the cholesterol profile. For this reason, it is recommended to limit cycles of formestane to 8 weeks max.

Because formestane also has a strong affinity for the 5a-reductase enzyme it will reduce DHT levels in the body by effectively competing with testosterone for the 5a-reductase.

Formestane converts to the active androgen 4-hydroxytestosterone which has about half the muscle growth potency, and about 25% of the androgenic potency as testosterone. This would suggest that fairly high doses of formestane (800-1000mg/day) could lead to some level of muscle enhancement (although the amount required for this would surely lead to undesirably low estrogen levels).

Formestane is successfully used as a standalone during re-composition cycles to help reduce “bloat” and fat storage. It can also be used as an anti-estrogen to counter aromatization of aromatizing steroids.

Customer Reviews for Formestane w/ Liqua Vade (4.2 fl oz) by Primordial Performance

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Pink EYE? By: Robert

Review posted on: 2010-07-06 18:59:08 -0400

You get pink eye from scratching your "brown eye" and than rubbing your eyes. I dont care if I had full blown AIDS and my immune system was non existant, I wouldnt get pink eye because I would never touch my bunghole and than my face without washing my hands! Oh yeah..and Formestane is a great staple in any cycle to help keep gains dry. Little to no sides..if libido loss is caused by formestane, than rock some bromo or take D-asparatic acid with your forme..that should clear that up. PP's Formestane gets 4 out of 5 from me.

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Age 38.. Male 160 By: Christopher

Review posted on: 2010-05-02 22:22:39 -0400

Killed my libido hard. Also I got severe pink eye and sore throat prob due to my estro going too low, lowered immune system. I was using a once daily dose and I underdosed just to test my tolerance. Another online review I read found another guy got severe pink eye while using Form. Again prob a lowered immunity issue. I went back to Sustain Alpha and Testopro and in a few weeks libido was back. So I'm one who doesn't respond well to Form. My past use with 6oxo also killed my libido and caused flu symptoms.

Formestane w/ Liqua Vade Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 cc (1 mL oral syringe)
Servings per Container: 125

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Formestane (4-hydroxyandrostene-3, 17-dione) 20 mg **

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
** Percent Daily Values not established.

OTHER INGREDIENTS:  Liqua-Vade Technology [Distilled water, sorbitan monolaurate, exthoxylated sorbitan trioleate, ethoxylated mono and di-glycerides, medium chain triglycerides, sesame oil, grape spirits, dimethyl isosorbide, phospholipid complex (phosphatidylcholine, lysophosphatidylcholine), ethyl oleate, glyceryl triacetate, tocopheryl acetate, hydroxyproply methylcellulose], juice extract from purple carrot and hibiscus**, malt syrup, natural grape flavor, malic acid, sucralose, trisodium citrate, simethicone, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, citric acid†, sucrose†. This product does not contain any artificial colors.

Formestane w/ Liqua Vade Directions:

As a dietary supplement take one 1mL - 3mL dose, twice daily, 12 hours between each dose. Shake bottle well before each dose. Take with or without meals.

Do not use this product longer than 8 weeks without 8 weeks off between each cycle.

Formestane w/ Liqua Vade WARNING:

Product is not recommended for women, elderly, anyone under the age of 18 or anyone diagnosed with a serious health condition including but not limited to cancer, BPH, epilepsy, depression, diabetes, cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure. Always consult your physician before using this product with any over-the-counter or prescription medication.