PNI Sponsored Athlete - Jacob Auzenne

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   Name: Jacob Auzenne

   Age: 26

   Location: Louisiana

   Height: 5’5

   Sport You Are Competing in: Bodybuilding

   Major Accomplishments:

          2012 NPC Southern Classic Middleweight Champion

          2010 NPC USA Top 10 Welterweight Champion

          2008 NPC Louisiana State Lightweight Champion

          2005 NGA Louisiana Natural Lightweight Champion

          2005 NGA Southern States Natural Extravaganza Champion

   Sponsors:PNI, Premium Nutracureticals

   Favorite Products: PNI Prodigy Pre-workout

When did you discover the weight room and decide to compete?

I discovered the weight room my freshman year of high school as part of my Basketball strength & conditioning pogram. I soon realized that I enjoyed and had a much brighter future via weight training than playing Basketball… Not many 5’5 players in the NBA now a days! lol

What are your future goals in and out of this sport?

My ultimate goal in the sport of bodybuilding would be to earn an IFBB pro card and compete in the 212 division. Outside of bodybuilding my main focus is my family, which takes priority over everything!

“My goal is to continue to be the absolute best husband/father I can each and every day.

Let’s talk about your nutrition and diet. Do you have a bulk season? How does your meal plan change? 

I actually hate the term “bulking” and see it as an excuse to become lazy with ones nutrition and get fat. I like to maintain a regimented eating plan year round, I’m either in contest prep or trying to gain lean quality size. There’s no such thing as OFF season!

That’s an awesome mindset to have. On that note then, what are your favorite cheat meals and foods?

Pizza, cheeseburgers, sushi & any baked goodies!

What are your favorite exericses for building muscle and why?

My top three mass building exercises are the Squat, Bench & Barbell Rows. Maybe its my Powerlifting roots, or the fact that I love all 3 exercises, either way I have always kept these staples in my training and do not plan on taking them out.

We know nutrition and training is big for you, but do you have any supplements that you use that help you with your results?

My favorite supplements are PNI’s Prodigy, Paragon & MyoACTIV EAAs. Prodigy is perfect for that extra kick of energy and razor sharp focus you need to tackle intense workouts in the gym. As a male bodybuilder looking to add quality muscle mass, I know hormones play a HUGE role. Paragon helps keep estrogen at bay and my testosterone soaring sky high. Last but not least EAA are essential for muscle repair and recovery. I use MyoACTIV EAAs intraworkout and throughout the day between meals to fight off catabolism.  

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?

Consistency is key! Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day so be patient and continue to bust your butt day in and day out.

Thanks Jacob for taking the time to interact with our NutraPlanet fans. For more information on Jacob, follow him below!


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C4 Extreme vs Jack3d Pre-Workout Comparison

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Pre-Workout Review – C4 Extreme vs Jack3d

You just got out of work and all you want to do is kick your feet up on the couch and watch the game. We all run into this problem and as our lives get busier and more stressful, the couch seems more and more appetizing. We all want to live a healthy, active lifestyle, but sometimes the amount of energy inside our bodies just cannot cater to that need. This is where NutraPlanet comes in to give you the proper information to make the decision that will have you pumped up and ready to work out. The supplement universe is filled with customers who are looking for the right product that will remain effective after the first doses, and sometimes that’s hard to find. So save whatever energy you have and listen up as we compare two of the most sought out energy supplements on the market today, C4 Extreme and Jack3d.

Cellucor C4 Extreme Supplement Review

c4 Extreme supplement review
When looking to achieve a healthy body, the first place to start is the brain. The brain is the most important muscle to stimulate and C4 Extreme does exactly that. When our body is given the necessary energy we can perform at the top of our ability. This supplement is used as a pre-workout energy boost, for those who are looking for the proper pump up before any type of exercising routine. C4 Extreme is a powdered energy supplement, most commonly mixed with water to create the necessary energy intake before working out. Cellucor has produced a product that harnesses NO3 technology and effective ingredients including the all-important creatine nitrate. This supplement is said to possess the power to ignite your mind, muscles and workout regimen, workout after workout.

Main Ingredients of C4 Extreme

  • Vitamin C
  • Niacin (As Niacinamide)
  • Folate
  • Vitamin B12
  • Beta Alanine
  • Creatine Nitrate
  • Arginine AKG

What makes C4 Extreme different?

The NO3 inside C4 Extremes complex blend is what separates this supplement from others. Cellucor utilizes a new compound where NO3 has been fused to create the creatine Nitrate. This creatine nitrate opens up the blood pathways into the muscles, enabling ideal nutrient deliver and muscle pumps .The increased water solubility of the creatine nitrate promotes better absorption within the body and thus forth reduces the chance of typical side effects tied with creatine supplementation. C4 Extreme will provide you the extra energy and strength you need and is designed to promote physical endurance.

USPLabs Jack3d Supplement Review

Jack3d supplement review

USPLabs designed Jack3d to be an energy/focus supplement specifically for pre-workout use. This supplement looks to not only increase your energy but also help with the much needed focus that goes with working out and exercising. Primarily used before weight-lifting, Jack3d has found a new set of ingredients that bring them above and beyond normal substances inside pre-workout energy supplements. The special ingredients that make up Jack3d have proven to enhance intensity, power, endurance and energy levels for hours on end without a harsh, exhausted crash at the end.

Main Ingredients of Jack3d

  • Geranium
  • Schizandrol A
  • Methylxanthines
  • Beta-alanine
  • Creatine Monohydrate

What makes Jack3d supplement different?

The main aspect that makes this supplement so different than its competitors is the ingredients. Jack3d does not contain normal fillers like magnesium, maltodextrin or artificial dyes. It is packaged in a way smaller tin as it is ultra-concentrated and requires way less water in the mixing process. In essence, this product hits both angles, allowing you to increase strength, power, focus and stamina, while providing the enthusiasm to actually get into the gym. The end result is better performance in the gym and ultimately, more muscle mass.

Conclusion of C4 Extreme vs. Jack3d Review

If you are looking for a supplement that will get you off the couch and into the gym, both of these will work great. In regards to ingredients, they are very different, but in reality both provide the same kind of energy and motivation you need when entering your work-out facility, this is why.
  • The C4 Extreme’s creatine nitrate serves as the main ingredient in allowing you to maximize reps and muscle pumps when looking for that perfect workout
  • Jack3ed features ingredients that allow you to spend more time in the gym, without crashing afterwards while also eliminating fatty fillers that are included in so many energy supplements today.
Both supplements are healthy for your body and have proven to give that extra energy that we all need before exercising.

NutraPlanet Winter Savings Sale

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Halloween Special: Tricked Out Treats with EVERY Order!

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USPowders Bulk Modern BCAA Vs Scivation Xtend BCAA

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Which BCAA Reigns Supreme?

One is a two-time University studied legend; a true innovator within the intra-workout category. The other offers a massive 10 grams of BCAAs at a saving that cannot be rivaled by any other BCAA product on the market today.

Both are leaders within the BCAA category, and the debate is heated over which of these two reigns supreme.

If you’re looking for a BCAA formula, you’ve got a tough decision to make. But not to worry. In this Supplement Vs Supplement showdown we’ll help you decide by taking in depth look at two of the greatest tasting, best mixing, most well-thought-out BCAA products on the market today.

One is right for you. It’s time to find out which one that is.

Bulk Modern BCAA by USPowders

Controlled Labs Orange Triad Vs Universal’s Animal Pak

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Controlled Labs Orange Triad Vs Universal’s Animal Pak

Which Multivitamin is Right for You?

On the market for a new multivitamin? Then you won’t find any shortage of debate over which is the best of the two behemoths in the multivitamin category – Orange Triad and Animal Pak.

Truth is, both products are awesome, and there are plenty of reasons why fans of each are so loyal to their favorites.

But as probably know, which supplement is “best” for you is highly dependant on you and your own unique, individual needs. And beyond the multivitamin aspect of each, both Orange Triad and Animal Pak certainly cater to different audiences.

So let’s push aside each company’s marketing and take a close look at each. By the end of this article, it should be quite clear which of the two is right for you.

Orange Triad by Controlled Labs

While Orange Triad might not have the mainstream recognition that Universal’s Animal Pak certainly has, don’t let that fool you. This multivitamin has gained a legion of devoted fans for many great reasons. Let’s take a look.

Orange Triad Ingredients

With Orange Triad, you get a 45-day supply in each bottle. The vitamins and minerals chosen by Controlled Labs are all easily absorbed by the body, and they’re dosed high enough to meet the extra nutritional needs of anyone training 5-6 days a week.

Of special interest, Orange Triad boasts high doses of B vitamins to help support energy production. It provides 1,000 IU’s of Vitamin D3 and 30mg of Zinc citrate to help support healthy testosterone levels. And it is enriched with loads of antioxidants to fight back against cell-damaging free radicals. So, as you can see, this is a very well thought out multivitamin geared towards highly active individuals.

What Makes Orange Triad Different

Orange Triad’s real strength is in its versatility. It features a full-on joint support complex, which helps lubricate your joints, support healthy cartilage, and improve the strength and durability of your connective tissues. This makes it a perfect product for anyone on a budget, eliminating the need to spend more money on a separate joint support formula.

Orange Triad also provides support for your immune and digestive system too – two additional areas of health and wellness that are often neglected, yet crucial for building a stronger foundation upon which to build your body.

Orange Triad Reviews

At the time of this writing, Orange Triad carries an overall customer rating of 4.26 stars out of 5. Pretty impressive!

Looking at the reviews for Orange Triad, you’ll see a common thread. People love the added joint support Orange Triad has to offer, and many have reported that Orange Triad has helped them considerably with past joint injuries.

You’ll also notice many commenting on its incredible value. People enjoy spending less money to get all the nutritional, joint, digestion, and immunity support they need to lift and grow safely. And with a 45-day supply, Orange Triad is hard to beat if added joint, digestion, and immunity support is important to you.

Animal Pak by Universal Nutrition

First introduced in 1983, Animal Pak has become the #1 selling training pak in the World, and it has been used by everyone from Mr. Olympia winners and World champion powerlifters to Olympic gold medalists, world-ranked strongmen, and every man, woman and teenager aged 18+ lifting weights to get better at their favorite sport. So let’s take a look at what Animal Pak has to offer.

Animal Pak Ingredients

First and foremost, Animal Pak is an ultra high potency multivitamin. What Universal understands is that intense training can quickly deplete the body of key vitamins and minerals, forming nutritional gaps. When these gaps occur, the chemical reactions inside your body that make intense training and muscle building possible, can’t happen. And Animal Pak’s formulation certainly reflects Universal’s understanding.

With Animal Pak, athletes are treated to megadoses of all the critical micronutrients, from Vitamin A, C, E, and all the B vitamins, and high potency amounts of essential minerals, too. It even boasts 100% of your daily calcium requirements to support strong bones – a rarity amongst many other multivitamins available today. And you’ll even find high doses of magnesium and zinc to help support healthy testosterone production, too.

What Makes Animal Pak Different

Where Animal Pak differs from Orange Triad is in its strong focus on optimizing physical performance inside the gym, and muscle growth and recovery when you’re finished.

With over 60 key ingredients, Animal Pak includes high doses of performance enhancing ergogenic aids. It features a massive profile of mass building and recovery boosting amino acids. It is rich in lipotropics (compounds that help break down body fat). And also contains a multitude of digestive enzymes, loads of antioxidants, and high potency energizers.

Animal Pak Reviews

As the #1 training pak in the World, Animal Pak currently carries a rating of 4 stars out of 5. And to Animal Pak fans, there is no better multi.

If you browse through the reviews, you’ll quickly discover many people stating that they simply feel amazing while using Animal Pak. Often heralded by long time users as the “best money can buy,” Animal Pak has become an irreplaceable supplement staple, as it provides everything hard training athletes need, and much, much more.

Orange Triad Vs Animal Pak

And the verdict is? Hopefully the answer to which one is right for you is clear. With both products providing megadoses of all the vitamins and minerals your body needs, it really comes down to the additional support you’re looking for.

Do you have nagging joint injuries, or is your heavy training especially hard on your connective tissues? Do you find yourself easily susceptible to the latest bug going around? Or does your body struggle to properly digest all the foods you need to eat to grow big? Then Orange Triad is likely the best choice for you.

If joint issues are not a problem for you, and optimizing your physical performance, energy to train with, muscle growth, strength, and recovery is more your priority, then Animal Pak may be your clear winner.

Either way, you can’t wrong, as both products are amongst the best at what they do, and have inspired legions of loyal fans on both sides.

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