Raspberry Ketones Benefits

Posted by E. Spencer Thu, 09 Jun 2011 17:28:00 GMT

Raspberry Ketones (10 grams)

Lately, raspberry ketones benefits have been making a big splash. Thanks to Dr. Oz, people are starting to realize raspberry ketone benefits healthy lifestyles. So what are raspberry ketones and how can they benefit you?

Raspberry ketones are compounds found in raspberries that are responsible for their fragrance. It has been used to add a fruity scent to foods and cosmetics.

Not only are raspberry ketones used for their pleasant aroma, but they have also been used to aid weight loss. According to Dr. Oz’s website, raspberry ketones benefits your metabolism, especially if it needs a jump-start. Research also suggests raspberry ketone benefits in preventing obesity. Raspberry ketones have a structure similar to capsaicin and synephrine, which help to burn fat. Like other fat burners, they help to convert fat into energy. Raspberry ketones benefits fat burning by promoting hormone-sensitive lipase. Raspberry ketones may help move hormone-sensitive lipase, or HSL, inside fat cells to aid the breakdown of fat. Raspberry ketone pills have been used to support healthy weight management.

In addition to its use for fat burning, raspberry ketones may promote heart and respiratory health. Raspberry ketone also may benefit people suffering from digestive problems.

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