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Absolutely Abliderated

Absolutely Abliderated

EvoMuse's NEW Absolutely Abliderated: Topical Fat Loss Just Got Even Better! Product Highlights: Combats stress fat/VAT Locally reduces cortisol formation Inhibits fat storage Increases fatty acid oxidation The finest VAT-reducing formula ever made just got even bette...



EvoMuse Eviscerate: Topical Fat Loss Catalyst! EvoMuse Products Brings to you the "Return of the Legend", King Burn. Eviscerate represents a leap forward in targeted fatloss products. Eviscerate's potent formula has been proven in the real world to dramatically reduce unwanted an...

Abliderate Advanced

Abliderate Advanced

EvoMuse ABLIDERATE Advanced: Ultimate Topical Fat Loss! Product Highlights: Combats stress fat/VAT Locally reduces cortisol formation Inhibits fat storage Increases fatty acid oxidation Abliderate Advanced marks the return, and homage to, one of the finest VAT-reducing formula...

Eviscerate Smolder

Eviscerate Smolder - Currently Out Of Stock

EvoMuse Eviscerate Smolder: Topical Fat Loss Catalyst! Eviscerate Smolder, like its meaner cousin, is designed to weld away unsightly fatty deposits from stubborn areas. SMOLDER features a lowered capsaicin content, to reduce the burning sensation. Eviscerate SMOLDER also incorporates several ...


SlinTensity - Currently Out Of Stock

EvoMuse NEW SlinTensity: Ultra-Potent Glucose Partitioning Formula! Stimulates Glucose Uptake in Muscle Supports Balanced Insulin Levels Minimizes Insulin-Induced Fat Gain It’s not every day that a product comes along that redefines the popular sports supplement term: “...


MyoSynergy - Currently Out Of Stock

NEW MyoSynergy by EvoMuse: Advanced Size & Strength Catalyst! NEW MyoSynergy by EvoMuse is a brand new, unique formula designed to potently trigger multiple pathways of muscle building at the cellular level. In addition, it will also aid in preventing muscle breakdown, boosting strength...

The Sauna Stack

The Sauna Stack - Currently Out Of Stock

The Sauna Stack: "Sweat Your Ass Off....Literally!" Each Stack Includes The Following: 1 x NEW Eviscerate Smolder (180 mL) by EvoMuse 1 x NEW Vanillean (90 Capsules) by BPS EvoMuse Eviscerate Smolder: Topical Fat Loss Catalyst! Eviscerate Smolder: Topical Fat Loss Catalys...


Sleephoria - Currently Out Of Stock

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Get It Today at an INSANE Blowout Price! EvoMuse's NEW Sleephoria: Advanced Sleep Restoration Formula! Sleep and Diet are two of the core fundamentals of a happy and productive life. Much like a bad diet will run down your energy, bring on health problems, and ma...


Dry-Uretix - Currently Out Of Stock

EvoMuse's NEW Dry-Uretix: An Extreme Bloat Reducer! Dry-Uretix is the next generate in excess water elimination supplements we have at our disposal. Specially formulated to be electrolyte-sparing while drying out your physique, giving you a hard and chizzled look, Dry-Uretix offers a much ...


Defuse - Currently Out Of Stock

NEW Defuse by EvoMuse: An Innovative & Cutting-Edge Fat Gain Inhibitor! We can't always be completely strict on diet. Sometimes Holidays come up...sometimes we are looking to increase muscle gain. Either way, the goal is to maintain physique and prevent fat gain. NEW Defuse by EvoMu...


AlphaBurn - Currently Out Of Stock

EvoMuse AlphaBurn: Extreme Fat Burning! AlphaBurn contains the steroisomer Rauwolscine, a highly selective Alpha-2 Adrenergic antagonist. AlphaBurn amplifies and prolongs Lipolysis, demolishes appetite, increases focus and motivation, and stimulates libido by acting on dopaminergic neurons in ...

Gut Health (75 Capsules)

Gut Health (75 Capsules) - Currently Out Of Stock

EvoMuse' NEW Gut Health™: An Advanced Digestive Optimizer! **2-Month Supply!** Gut Health™ is the newly updated formula originally released  in 2006. Representing the latest in probiotic technology, Gut Health™ contains a specialized force of complementary probiot...

Dry Rub

Dry Rub - Currently Out Of Stock

NutraPlanet is Proud To Be The First To Introduce NEW Dry Rub! EvoMuse Dry Rub: Advanced Localized Topical Diuretic! Dry Rub is a brand new localized topical diuretic formula from Evolutionary Muses (EvoMuse). It helps acurately get rid of stubborn bloating and water retention, allowing a t...

Eviscerate BFF

Eviscerate BFF - Currently Out Of Stock

NEW Eviscerate BFF: Topical Fat-Shredding & Burn-Free Formula! The most potent topical fat burner in the world is now gentler; formulated to take full advantage of multi fatty acid transport systems! Evolutionary Muse presents: Eviscerate BFF (The BFF stands for Burn-Free Formula). Afte...

Abliderate AMMO

Abliderate AMMO - Currently Out Of Stock

EvoMuse's NEW Abliderate AMMO: Specialized in Targeting Center Mass! Abliderate AMMO offers the next generation in Cortisol and Inflammation Control. The Abliderate AMMO formula helps suppress excess Cortisol levels, helps to reduce Visceral Fat, and controls adipocyte inflammatory cyt...


CardioTryx - Currently Out Of Stock

CardioTryx by EvoMuse: An Innovative & Cutting-Edge CardioEndurance Amplifier! We are thrilled to announce the release NEW CardioTryx, a supplement that is truly the first of its kind. We like to call it a "Cardio Amplifier".  If you are into endurance sports, MMA, are p...

Nerve Restore

Nerve Restore - Currently Out Of Stock

NutraPlanet is Proud to Be The First to Introduce NEW Nerve Restore! LIMITED TIME ONLY: Pick It Up at an INSANE Intro-Sale Price! NEW Nerve Restore by EvoMuse: An Innovative Formulation to assist with Nerve signal issues. Nothing is more frustrating than an impinged or injured nerve....